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Recipe for success
Atlas Copco has remained a technology leader for 150 years thanks to a refined recipe for long-term performance. Here are the key ingredients.
Atlas Copco was first founded to make products for the emerging national railroads, and ever since, we have developed solutions that drive society forward. We continuously invest in research and development to secure a steady flow of new solutions that take our customers, and the business they operate in, to the next level. We encourage our teams to test their best ideas, to learn, improve and then pursue the ones with great potential. This innovative spirit guides us in everything we do, and we like to hire people who always look for a better way.
In our experience, close collaboration is the best way forward. By listening to customers, suppliers, distributors and our industrial peers, we gain insights that spark new ideas and help us improve. Understanding our customers’ reality and future needs is also the core of our product development. We never innovate just for the sake of it. Everything we do is spurred by real challenges. And we do it by teaming up with our many colleagues all over the world. At Atlas Copco, support and a fresh perspective are only an email away.
Our products are most often critical parts of our customers’ processes, and this brings a great responsibility. We work very closely together with customers to find the best solutions, and always strive to exceed their expectations. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we also provide service expertise in all the countries and markets we serve. As a technology driver and a global industrial player, we are also committed to finding solutions that benefit society and the environment. Limiting the footprint from our products is one example. We do this because commitment builds trust, and trust builds long-term success.
Atlas Copco is a global Group with operations in more than 180 countries and R&D, manufacturing and sourcing capacity in the Americas, Europe and Asia. This means that we can adapt our production and serve customers even in times of market restraints. We are also present in most industry segments, and our product portfolio covers many different brands to meet a wide variety of customer preferences and needs. We continuously acquire new companies that strengthen our technologies and local markets. All in all, this makes us less vulnerable and protects our business over time.
Our business model is very flexible, and therefore resilient to almost any challenge. We can rapidly reduce our variable costs and working capital to adjust to new market conditions. Thanks to our asset-light manufacturing structure we have low fixed costs, and on top of this we have a solid service business that serve as a cushion in down-turns. This allows us to continuously invest in innovation and competence, and also keep up speed in tougher times.
We stand for integrity, fairness and respect and have zero tolerance for corruption and human rights abuses. This is a reflection of our core values and our commitment to the highest ethical behavior. We always follow the laws and regulations in the countries where we operate and ask our employees and business partners to act according to our high business standards. And if they fail to do so, we take action.
We work in a decentralized setup. This means that the person who is closest to an opportunity or a problem has the authority to act on it. Empowerment is key to us, and when you join us you will soon realize that no one will tell you exactly how to do things. We pair this freedom to act with clear goals and a high level of accountability. When you take on a task, you also get the responsibility that comes with it. This doesn’t mean that you must always succeed. You are welcome to try and fail, as long as you learn from it and do better next time.
Innovation is our core, but it’s our dedicated and talented teams who make it happen. Working here means being surrounded by very ambitious people who share a strong drive to make a difference – to customers, society and each other. We recruit people with the right mindset, help them grow and develop, and then trust them to find the best ways forward. If you are up for a challenge, our internal job market offers almost endless opportunities.