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To ensure that all customers get on-site support, Atlas Copco works with local dealers and service suppliers in most parts of the world.
Merredin, 200 kilometers east of Perth, is in the heart of Australia’s “wheat belt." This region faces extremely hot and dry weather in summer, and fires during harvesting are extremely common. A fire can start either in the crops near the paddock being harvested or inside the machinery itself – often while in operation. This can lead to not only physical damage but business interruptions, such as sourcing a replacement piece of equipment mid-season, which can be time-consuming and expensive.
When two brothers owning a large wheat and sheep farm required compressed air to clean their farming vehicles, Atlas Copco’s local dealer, Atlas CEA, went on-site to observe the farmers’ operations. The primary purpose of the compressor was blow-cleaning of harvesting equipment such as tractors, headers and balers, to prevent any buildup of fine particles and straw around the moving parts within the machines. Apart from keeping the valuable equipment in good shape, this maintenance prevents a serious fire hazard in the hot summer months.
After evaluating the farmers’ needs, the Atlas CEA representative recommended a U190 PACE compressor as the best fit for the job. Even though this “utility compressor” is not fitted with wheels, it is a highly mobile, easy-to-move compressor. It is lightweight, tough and compact, and can be serviced in less than an hour. It also comes with PACE technology, which enables the operator to adjust the pressure to match different job tasks. This means that the same compressor can be used for various applications on and around the farm, such as blasting or powering handheld tools.
U190 PACE compressor
Main feature: Lightweight and compact with excellent fuel efficiency. Stackable up to three levels high. Also available with PACE, an electronic adjustable pressure system, and an integrated generator.
Used at: Mostly integrated into utility trucks, but also service and construction vehicles.