Making a difference
Modern society depends on industrial ideas. Our tools, machines and software solutions are involved in making almost everything you see and use in your daily life.
The demand for renewable energy solutions is growing. When making wind turbines, our industrial grinders give the pillars and rotor blades the optimal angle and surface. Our powerful wrenches and tensioners ensure that every bolt is tightened properly to withstand the enormous powers at play. During installation, our generators are used to safely start up the turbines, at land or offshore. And did you know that solar power technology depends on vacuum pumps? They are needed when making the silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells that will capture the sunlight and convert it into energy.
If you visit a factory, big or small, there is likely at least one compressor hidden somewhere. These work horses power all kinds of production, and without them the shops would soon be empty. When producing food, for example, high-quality compressed air is critical. Our oil-free compressors and filter purification solutions ensure that the food is not contaminated, and our vacuum solutions come into play when it’s time for hygienic sealing and packaging.
Hospitals, dental practices and veterinary labs all rely on a steady supply of oxygen and other medical gases, and our pumps, purifiers and gas distribution systems make it happen. There is no room for failure, and the equipment must be highly reliable, safe and ultra clean. Hospitals must also have stable access to electricity. In case of power cuts, our backup generators ensure that the medical staff can focus on helping their patients, no matter what.
Semiconductors are at the heart of modern technology, and the need just keeps on growing. These components are essential in computers, LED lights, screens, mobile phones and much more. The manufacturing of semiconductors requires pristine working conditions as even the tiniest contamination can destroy the device. Our vacuum pumps create the ultra-clean environment needed, and our abatement systems take care of toxic or global warming by-products to prevent them from harming the environment.
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