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Our ideas drive society forward
Unlike many other technology drivers, Atlas Copco Group is characterized by a very hands-on approach to innovation. We never innovate just for the sake of it, but because we see an opportunity to make a difference. Everything we do is spurred by real challenges. This helps us develop highly efficient and sustainable products that benefit our customers, society and the world.
Our expertise covers many different technologies, and our solutions are used in almost all kinds of industries. Everywhere you look, our products probably had something to do with it. The phone you use was made with our tools and vacuum solutions, the food, clothes or medicine you need were made with the help of our compressors, and the house you sit in may have been built with our power solutions.
When we develop a new product, we always start by looking at a present or future problem that needs to be solved. Our current focus on smart connectivity and remote control is an excellent example of this, as it brings both productivity, safety and environmental benefits. Developing battery-powered machines is another.
We do it together with our customers, who often are leading players in their fields, and we have reached many milestones together. Ergonomics, safety, quality and energy-efficiency are just some areas where we have set new standards throughout the years, and still do. To continuously invest in R&D is a fundamental part of our innovation strategy. We know that this is the best way to remain an industry leader over time.
This publication is a tribute to our spirit of innovation. But having the right ideas is not enough. As you can see, it all comes down to our talented and dedicated people. Here you will meet a few of them, but thousands of colleagues all over the world share the same passion. We believe in giving people a clear responsibility and plenty of freedom to act. Mostly because we know it’s the fastest way to great results, but also because it’s much more fun to work that way, and when you have fun you become bolder and more creative.
This way, we develop industrial ideas that empower our customers to grow and drive society forward. Together, we help create a better tomorrow.
Passionate People
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