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At your service
Service Specialist Tomasz Bugaj knows how to keep business and society...
A rental state of mind
Our flexible solutions will get the job done in all conditions.
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Find out why this South Korean education center shifted to on-site nitrogen supply.
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Our Water for All initiative supports communities with limited access....
A word from President and CEO Mats Rahmström.
Enabling the shift
Industrial assembly solutions are at the heart of the electric car revolution.
"Ergonomics is key"
Ava Mazaheri discusses force exposures and great product design.
Experts in the field
Local dealers and service suppliers ensure that all customers gets on-site support.
Gateway to growth
A visit to China, the world's second-largest economy.
"Joint development is the best way forward"
Atlas Copco is part of an ecosystem set up to push scientific boundaries.
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A 10-year development process resulted in an innovation that changes everything.
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Modern society depends on industrial ideas that take shape with out tools.
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Logistics Manager Katey Kim supports the world’s semiconductor manufacturers.
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What if industrial machines adapted the energy use to the production need?
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Fully autonomous production is no longer an illusion.
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Going electric is an important step toward a carbon-neutral future.
Purpose-built performer
A purpose-built innovation for the booming liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.
Recipe for success
Explore some of the key ingredients needed to remain a technology leader.
Setting the tone
Did you know that even Jimi Hendrix's performance relied on vacuum?
Smarter manufacturing
Imagine a smart factory where machines transfer data without delay.
Smart Team + Smartphone = Smart Product
Meet the innovators behind the DZS VSD+ dry claw vacuum pump.
Smart tools for modern life
Industrial tools transform the world.
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Chances are that an iXL900R dry vacuum pump made your screen.
Success is on the cards
A data-driven service solution that gives real-time feedback.
Tapping into the green energy market
Market Manager Rasmus Rubycz is ready to grasp new opportunities.
The power of zero
The Z3+ light tower is a zero-emission, zero-noise innovation.
The start of something big
Our first-ever battery-powered drill stands out.
The Missing Link
In the move toward a carbon-free future, capturing renewable energy for later use is key.
Tight for takeoff
Assembling airplanes, the smart way
Turning apples into applesauce
Compressed air is needed everywhere, even when making baby food.
When train beats the plane
When rail balances costs, speed and sustainability better the air and sea.
Ava Mazaheri Ergonomics Engineer, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique, Sweden.
Ava Mazaheri first joined Atlas Copco as a summer intern in the Industrial Technique business area in Sickla, Sweden. She then pursued her master's thesis project in biomedical engineering with the company, focusing on new ways of evaluating tools from an ergonomics perspective. This developed into a larger research project with the Industrial Design and Human Factors team, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, with Ava as a PhD student.
What happens when powerful handheld tightening tools are used repeatedly at high torque? Ava Mazaheri is investigating the force exposures and how to turn the learnings into great product design.
Why did you choose to study the reaction force exposure related to handheld tightening tools? These tools are used to fasten screws, nuts and bolts to certain torque levels, and the tool handle then undergoes a forceful displacement which we refer to as reaction force. The user must counteract the reaction through muscular force. As assembly work by nature is highly repetitive, this can lead to disorders or injuries that take a very long time to heal. My mission is to find ways to avoid that, or at least minimize the risks.
How is this linked to Atlas Copco? We develop and evaluate all our handheld tools from various ergonomics perspectives, such as handle design, noise, vibrations and temperature. Customers have for a long time asked for recommendations from tool manufacturers regarding reaction force exposure. Neither the scientific community nor our competitors have had well-grounded answers to provide, so we’ll be the first ones to do this. Ergonomics is key to us and makes us stand out from the crowd.
And what are you looking to find?
The hypothesis is that our highly dynamic tightening program, which runs with very high tool speed, is more ergonomic than traditional programs. Due to its ballistic fashion, a great deal of the reaction force is absorbed by the tool itself, instead of by the operator. However, although force is reduced, the tool motion is still jerky. The challenge lies in understanding which levels of these exposures could increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. It’s about finding the right balance.
You are researching "on the job." How is Atlas Copco supporting you in this?
Apart from providing facilities and resources, I have continuous access to expertise and input from the company, as well as from our broad network of customers. This means that I can ground my approach in real industry needs.
Have you had any "aha" moment so far?
Yes! A gray Thursday afternoon in November 2020, with probably enough caffeine in my blood to power a small car, I discovered a way to quantitatively explain what we had previously only been able to observe and describe subjectively. I would claim this to be a, in this context, new way of measuring discomfort.
Passionate People
Passionate People