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At your service
Service Specialist Tomasz Bugaj knows how to keep business and society...
A rental state of mind
Our flexible solutions will get the job done in all conditions.
Chipping in for safety
Find out why this South Korean education center shifted to on-site nitrogen supply.
Clearly superior
Choosing the most efficient vacuum solutions will make all the difference.
Clean water changes lives
Our Water for All initiative supports communities with limited access....
A word from President and CEO Mats Rahmström.
Enabling the shift
Industrial assembly solutions are at the heart of the electric car revolution.
"Ergonomics is key"
Ava Mazaheri discusses force exposures and great product design.
Experts in the field
Local dealers and service suppliers ensure that all customers gets on-site support.
Gateway to growth
A visit to China, the world's second-largest economy.
"Joint development is the best way forward"
Atlas Copco is part of an ecosystem set up to push scientific boundaries.
Keeping it dry
A 10-year development process resulted in an innovation that changes everything.
Making a difference
Modern society depends on industrial ideas that take shape with out tools.
Making the connection
Logistics Manager Katey Kim supports the world’s semiconductor manufacturers.
No waste, low emissions
What if industrial machines adapted the energy use to the production need?
Perfect vision
Fully autonomous production is no longer an illusion.
Powered up and ready to work
Going electric is an important step toward a carbon-neutral future.
Purpose-built performer
A purpose-built innovation for the booming liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.
Recipe for success
Explore some of the key ingredients needed to remain a technology leader.
Setting the tone
Did you know that even Jimi Hendrix's performance relied on vacuum?
Smarter manufacturing
Imagine a smart factory where machines transfer data without delay.
Smart Team + Smartphone = Smart Product
Meet the innovators behind the DZS VSD+ dry claw vacuum pump.
Smart tools for modern life
Industrial tools transform the world.
Star of the screen
Chances are that an iXL900R dry vacuum pump made your screen.
Success is on the cards
A data-driven service solution that gives real-time feedback.
Tapping into the green energy market
Market Manager Rasmus Rubycz is ready to grasp new opportunities.
The power of zero
The Z3+ light tower is a zero-emission, zero-noise innovation.
The start of something big
Our first-ever battery-powered drill stands out.
The Missing Link
In the move toward a carbon-free future, capturing renewable energy for later use is key.
Tight for takeoff
Assembling airplanes, the smart way
Turning apples into applesauce
Compressed air is needed everywhere, even when making baby food.
When train beats the plane
When rail balances costs, speed and sustainability better the air and sea.
Clean water
Our Water for All initiative supports communities with limited access to clean water, to prevent acute health risks and help people build a better future.
Women and young girls are particularly affected by water scarcity as they often must walk long distances to fetch clean water for their families every day. If the village gets a local well or water supply system, these girls can instead go to school or spend their time establishing a thriving business. This has a positive effect on the entire community.
Water for All, Atlas Copco’s main community engagement initiative, was founded in 1984 by a group of employees who wanted to help a community in Peru drill for water to survive a serious drought. Since then the initiative has grown and there are now more than 50 local Water for All teams who volunteer to support projects ranging from small wells to sewer systems for entire villages.
The funding is based on employee donations and the company contributes twice that amount. So far, Water for All has helped more than two million people get access to clean water and hygiene facilities. Here you meet two of the many dedicated supporters.
Manuela Stagnati, Marketing Administrator in Atlas Copco’s Oil-free Air division, has been President of Water for All Italy since 2014.
“Our projects focus on Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda, in cooperation with Amref Health Africa. They cover wells, protection of natural spring water, pipelines and water tanks. Training in hygiene and sanitation is another important aspect,” says Manuela.
Many projects also support schools with water tanks and water sanitation kiosks. If a school does not have proper toilets, girls often drop out once they reach puberty.
“We follow our projects step by step, from start to finish, to see the benefits reaped in the communities. Meeting the beneficiaries in the field is the most amazing and motivating part of my voluntary work. I’m a very proud ambassador,” says Manuela.
The most recent projects have been establishing wells, ventilated latrines and a fish breeding tank in counties in the Republic of South Sudan.
“South Sudan gained independence in 2011. In addition to the water emergency, the many years of conflicts and civil war has made the situation even more difficult, and help was needed more than ever. Despite the critical circumstances, and COVID-19, we were able to implement all water installations on time,” says Manuela.
Manuela Stagnati Marketing Administrator and President of Water for All Italy
Water for All in Japan was started in 2014 by Taki Suzuki, Senior Corporate Communications Manager. Today it engages more than 120 volunteering employees who run projects focused on water, sanitation and health, primarily in Asia.
“We have grown steadily and see a growing engagement especially among our younger employees. They want to contribute to society and not just work toward traditional performance-related goals. Being engaged in Water for All is a rewarding way to change people's lives for the better, and you also learn a lot,” says Taki.
In 2018 Water for All Japan partnered with the NGO Water Aid Japan to cooperate in a two-year project in East Timor. In this Southeast Asian island country, access to clean water and the possibility to maintain sanitation and hygiene is poor, especially in rural areas.
To improve the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) situation, one of the projects focused on trainings for municipality officials that included data analysis of WASH services, finance, planning and monitoring. The participants also learned about the standards of WASH facilities in households, schools and healthcare facilities.
“The two communities in East Timor are now all set to continue their work toward their goal of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene being a part of everyday life,” says Taki.
Taki Suzuki Senior Corporate Communications Manager and President of Water for All Japan
Read more about Water for All on Atlas Copco's website.
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